Photography Tutorials & Lessons

Learn how to become a better photo editor and photographer. Below are free video tutorials and lessons to help you progress in your photography processing and retouching. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about photography coaching rates please email me at


Easily Smooth and Soften Skin

Learn how to retouch and smooth skin instantly using ON1 Photo RAW. Quickly remove any blemishes or dry areas from skin using your Retouch Brush and Clone Stamp Tool. Once you've retouched your portrait, take your photo into Effects to apply skin smoothing filters. To smooth skin add Skin Retouching onto your portrait. Skin Retouching gives you all of the controls needed to smooth skin. You can also use a Blur filter to smooth areas of skin on your model as long as you keep it at a very low blur level.


How to Capture & Edit Lifestyle Photography

Learn basic tips to capturing lifestyle and commercial photography. When shooting lifestyle photography, it's important to think about lighting and composition. Adding light by using artificial lights or by manipulating natural light can help keep your subjects well exposed. By shooting from different angles you can provide unique perspectives for your viewer. Try looking for vantage points you haven't tried before to get different looks and interesting compositions.


Tips for Prepping Photos for Print

Prepare your photos for print in minutes using ON1 Photo RAW 2018. Using soft proofing you will be able to see how your photo will look on paper when it's printed. You can also choose different color profiles to help if you are printing on different printers and paper or if a photo lab needs a certain color profile to print from. The gamut warnings will show you all of the colors that won't translate well onto paper. If you need to adjust any settings, create a version of your photo that you can adjust, rather than modifying your original copy.


Add Detail to any photo

Quickly add detail to any photo using ON1 Photo RAW. Whether you’re adding detail to your entire photo or adding it into specific areas, ON1 Photo RAW makes it effortless. Learn different ways you can add detail into your photos and bring them to life.


Light painting with Local Adjustments

Easily paint light into underexposed areas on your photo using local adjustments inside ON1 Photo RAW 2018. Learn how to quickly add and modify local adjustment layers. Using local adjustment layers you can edit specific areas on your photo. Adding and removing light from your photo is very easy and can create depth and interest.


How to quickly use presets

Easily create and modify presets using ON1 Photo RAW 2018. Learn how to quickly save your unique style into a preset. Presets allow you to save your adjustments into a preset style that you can quickly apply to a photo. Different presets will add different styles to your photo that can quickly be personalized.


How to brush and mask effectively

Easily brush on or mask out local adjustments and filters using ON1 Photo Raw 2018. Brushing is a great way to apply adjustments to specific areas in your photo. Using the local adjustment and masking brushes inside ON1 Photo RAW, we will transform a dull photo into a stunning scene. 


How to edit an Hdr sunrise

Creating HDR photos is incredibly easy inside of ON1 Photo RAW. Quickly merge your exposure brackets together faster than any other HDR software out there. Once you've merged your photos, easily process them using Develop and Effects to apply tonal and creative adjustments.


How to edit firework photos

Easily enhance your firework photos using ON1 Photo RAW 2018. By adding in contrast to your photo you will help to separate your fireworks from your background. Be careful when overdoing exposure because your firework highlights can get blown out quickly.


Retouch eyes, teeth, and skin with easy portrait edits

Quickly enhance portraits using ON1 Photo Raw 2018. Portrait photos often require some post-processing, learn how you can transform your basic capture into a stunning portrait using only three basic tools. Easily process, retouch, and refine your portrait with Photo Raw.

5 things to avoid when editing.png

5 things to avoid in photo editing

There’s a particular art to maximizing the potential of a photo when you’re editing. Some people like to go to great lengths to process their photos while others stick with more simple editing styles. With anything today, there are great edits, and there are not so great edits. I want to give you my list of 5 things you should avoid when editing your next photos.


3 tips for editing landscapes

Easily edit landscape photos inside of ON1 Photo RAW 2018. Using these three basic tools, quickly transform your landscape photo into a stunning scene. The crop tool, Dynamic Contrast, and Color Enhancer are 3 tools you should have under your belt when processing landscape photos.


How to use the tone curve

See how to easily modify tonal ranges in your photos using the Tone Curve in ON1 Photo RAW 2018.5. The Tone Curve is the perfect tool for adjusting shadows, highlights, and mid-tones when editing your photos. "I feel it's a must-have tool for photographers looking to take their photo editing to the next level.


how to create an aerial hdr pano

Quickly merge your Aerial images into HDR inside ON1 Photo RAW 2018. Easily transform those photos into a Pano and create a stunning landscape scene inside of the Develop and Effects module. ON1 Photo RAW 2018 will allow you to merge your exposure brackets instantly, and effortlessly compose panorama photos with the Pano feature.